Art Exhibition

Our current exhibit features the work of Charli Ornett.

A note from Charli:

I am excited to hang my paintings here at Bernal Yoga because I live and breathe yoga–not in the way that teachers do, or even people who have a daily practice,(although I wish I were so disciplined!)but because my day job Creative Director of Yoga Journal magazine, where my team and I are responsible for what that publication looks like.


My work explores the tension between the definite and the amorphous, that place where a hard edge or line meets the soft and yielding.

In both art and life I think this border between land and sky, sleeping and waking, curiosity and certainty, is where we are most alive and can see most clearly.

Working with molten wax and pigment I build up layers and textures then scrape the cooled paint back to reveal the hidden history of place and form. By layering translucent tints over opaque my process draws the gaze into the depths of the painting, allowing it to become a window to an inner landscape.

I hope you enjoy the presence of these paintings while you practice.

Charli Ornett
-Charli Ornett encaustic painting