Inbal Meron


Inbal discovered the practices of Yoga during her studies for a degree in Plant Biology, while she was fascinated to be learning about the works and wonders of life and the world around us, she felt a lack of human connection and compassion in the path she chose.

After she took her first Yoga class she knew that these practices would be her lifelong companion. Yoga awakened a deep yearning inside to not only understand life but to participate in it fully with deep presence, awareness, openness and compassion.

Since then Inbal has been blessed to receive teachings of various styles of Yoga from amazing teachers in Israel, India and the US.

Her classes are opportunities to playfully explore the connection of breath, motion and awareness, all while falling in love with sweet subtleties of creation.

Inbal was certified to teach at the Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in SF.

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