KT Steadman

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KT took her first yoga class in 1996, and stared teaching five years later in 2001. After teaching and traveling extensively for four years, she landed in Hawaii. Where she connected with her teachers Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini. Their teachings reflect the beauty of the Krishnamacharaya lineage. While living, working, and practicing with Nicki and Eddie for three years, she completed two teacher training’s, and two three week asana intensives.

In 2005 KT also travelled to India with the family to study with Sri K Pattabhi Jois. KT has been touched beyond words by her Sanskrit teacher Bhavani Maki. She views the knowledge within the Yoga Sutras as an important key for us all to truly live our practice. She enjoys weaving this information into her classes.

Her teaching style is born from her studies with Nicki and Eddie, and from her own practice and experience. She gives information, and adjustments so that students form a foundation based in impeccability of alignment. This ensures that people learn to move their bodies in an integrated, and intelligent way. She has a warm, and compassionate style. It is her intention to continue to teach, study and practice in joy, and for life.