Megan Windeler

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Megan’s practice and teaching is rooted in the heartfelt belief that Yoga is simply a good thing. Her practice began by accident nearly twenty years ago during the deep dark freeze of a Chicago winter. After stumbling blindly into an Iyengar Yoga class in hopes of eluding the freeze, it was revealed to her that ‘living is much easier if you breathe whilst doing it.’ Over a decade and half on she is still trying to figure that one out, but, she practices it every day and has found life easier.

Megan completed the Teacher Training at The Yoga Tree in San Francisco in 2005. While she continues to study with Dharma Mitra, and find great inspiration from Stephanie Snyder, Jane Austin and her dear friend Les Leventhal, her main teacher these days is her 6 year old son. Megan’s classes are filled with love and humor, sometimes silence and now and again a little Led Zeppelin. Come one, come all, do some yoga, find some ease. For more about Megan check out her website.