Foundation Training for Spinal Health Workshop with Dr. Cameron Quillian

Saturday, August 13th
$35 pay online/$45 at the studio

Please pre-register; this workshop has a 10 person limit.

Our bodies are designed for free and varied movement. Yet, we sit virtually motionless for days on end, hunched over computers, playing on iPads, reading a great new book, or even gathering for hours with friends engaged in sedentary activities. Too often, this daily inactivity is only interrupted by some ongoing repetitive motion that causes our bodies to break down even more. And many of us never learned proper movement habits in the first place. It’s little surprise, then, that chronic physical pain and unnecessary breakdown in our bodies is an epidemic in the United States.

Re-learning healthy movement and developing a solid foundation has the potential to bring us back into physical alignment and strength. At the center of this potential is Foundation Training. Along with chiropractic care, Foundation Training is an innovative exercise program that helps stabilize the damage already done by stretching and toning the muscles most commonly associated with back issues. More importantly, it relieves physical pain, while unlocking the hidden power in our musculature.
The key to better movement is to bring our muscles back into balance. Muscle imbalance occurs when certain muscles get weak and others compensate or get too tight; this puts uneven stress on joints and connective tissue, and ultimately causing these structures to break down and hurt. Basic movements like lifting a child or walking, not to mention more dynamic activities like running or dancing, end up damaging the body.

Foundation Training utilizes a series of simple exercises, stretches, and movements to help the body move more functionally, correct and heal muscle imbalance, and promoting a life that is pain-free and full of vitality.

Regardless of whether you are recovering from lower back pain or wishing to take your overall performance to a higher level, Foundation Training can help you achieve these goals:
• Stretch and tone areas of your body that are commonly connected to back pain
• Identify and isolate specific muscles that are directly related to stabilizing your spine and easing pressure to your joints
• Re-learn basic movements and re-balance your muscles
Become and stay free of back pain
• Once you learn how to move in a healthy, sustainable way, there are few limits to what you can physically achieve. With a rebalanced muscular base, you will move with more grace and flexibility and you will notice and enjoy more physical power and endurance in your movements.

Please note: This is not a course used to recover from and acute injury or flare up. If you think you fit into this category, call Cameron directly and he’ll help you find a more appropriate path to your healing. (415) 463 0695

What to Bring:
Wear comfortable clothing you can stretch and exercise in
•Yoga mat
•Comfortable clothes you can move in

CameronHeadShot-cropCameron Quillian, DC is a talented and compassionate healer who uses knowledge, integrity, and skill as the foundation of his work. He takes an organic and holistic approach to his practice by incorporating multiple gentle chiropractic techniques that are drug free and therapeutic, to both the skeleton and soft tissue. He creates a fast and efficient treatment plan that helps you live a life free of pain, maximizes the function of your body, and gets you back to the things you love as soon as possible. In essence, he helps you live a life full of vital energy.

Cameron’s passions include, nature, surfing, rock climbing, yoga, dancing, visual art, and music. He is also a very enthusiastic traveler. Cameron’s love for adventure has taken him all over the world, especially Asia, where he taught English, and studied Yoga and Meditation, practices that he continues today.

Cameron obtained a B.A. in English Literature and studied anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics at the University of Calgary in Canada. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College West, and joined Bernal Family Chiropractic in August of 2012. You can also find Cameron taking care of patients at Bernal Family Chiropractic.