with Judy Orloff
Sunday, October 13, 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Register by 10/6 at $30, and after $40

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When life throws you a curveball, how adept are you at making on-the-spot changes? In this workshop, we’ll engage in flowing movement sequences punctuated by dynamic balances to sharpen your agility and balance skills and get your juices flowing.

We’ll move in and out of yoga poses in novel and unexpected ways, waking up new neural connections and trying on new possibilities.

We’ll use the breath and guided meditation to garner inner support while we purposefully fall off-center to practice finding our way back again safely.

Come play, flow, fall, and catch yourself with us! Boost your balance, agility, and fluidity, expanding your capacity to make instantaneous course corrections, in an atmosphere of lightness and whole-hearted acceptance.

Instructor — Judy Orloff

Judy has always had an insatiable interest in movement and its connection to psyche and spirit. She has dived deeply into many of the modalities that captured her attention and curiosity, becoming a certified teacher in Authentic Movement, a kind of movement meditation; Laban Movement Analysis, a system for understanding and describing the nuances of how people move; Iyengar Yoga, for its clarity and precision, and Body Mind Centering, for its inner body focus.
Judy loves to create engaging experiences that invite her students to try on new ways of moving that invigorate their entire being, and that promote improved function and greater ease in their lives. She welcomes people wherever they are, seeking to foster an atmosphere of respect and wholehearted acceptance.

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