with Traci Joy Burleigh
Saturday, October 28th (1:30-3:45pm)
$45 (sign up 10 days in advance and save $10!)

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Breath is the core essence of yoga. Breath vitalizes the body, keeps the mind focused and connects us to things beyond ourselves. Learning how to work with your breathing is an essential skill for deepening your yoga practice.  In this workshop, you will gain more understanding about the breath and how you can do healthy deep breathing that will enhance your energy and positively impact your brain. TJ will also introduce the bandhas.
In Sanskrit bandha means to lock, to hold, or to tighten. There are three primary bandhas in yoga. Each of these will be explained and practiced. There will also be time to practice kumbhaka (breath retention) variations. TJ will also more thoroughly explain Ujjayi breath. Ujjayi is the breathing technique that is often used in Vinyasa Flow classes. While Ujjayi breathing is used in many classes, it is not always explained in a way that can be clearly understood.
The workshop is open to everyone, and will primarily be focused on breathing. There will be some easy and basic movements added into periods of stillness.
A follow up handout will be provided so that you can continue and reinforce what you experience and learn. Please bring an ace bandage with you to cover your eyes and ears for pranayama.

Instructor — Traci Joy Burleigh

Traci Joy (TJ) Burleigh is a long-time yogi, Vipassana practitioner, health educator and coach, Ayurvedic practitioner and bodyworker. She loves yoga for it’s dynamic and uniting practices of body and heart.

She owns and operates “Arts of Flesh”, in San Francisco CA, enriching people’s lives through her attentive presence, intuitive insight, technical skill, bold encouragement, humor and radical embodiment. TJ’s experience of yoga is unbranded and inimitable. She brings a passion for anatomy, breath, biomechanics, feeling great, poetry, and permission to her teaching.

She teaches at UCSF, SF General Hospital, and privately. TJ is certified at the highest level with Yoga Alliance, E-RYT and is a member of IAYT. She is on the faculty of Yoga Mendocino, where she has trained teachers since 2005. She can be reached at tjb9@mac.com.


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