with Traci Joy Burleigh
Saturday, May 19th (1:30 – 3:30pm)
$45 (sign up 10 days in advance and save $10!)

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Some of the longest, strongest, and largest muscles in the body, our hips and hamstrings are often neglected. Whether you are a yogi, athlete, desk jockey, or one who stands or sits all day, learning to balance these muscle groups, and make them both strong and mobile, will help your posture, mood, freedom of movement, and ability to play.
Join us for a fun and informative afternoon of delving into the center of these often chronically tight places. We will use posture, asana, breath, and a mixture of letting go and firing up to release and make peace with these short muscle groups. This is especially great for runners and other athletes, habitual sitters, and all those who suffer from stiff midsections. Open to everyone willing to dive in. Please pre-register early or plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to workshop to sign in.

Instructor — Traci Joy Burleigh

Traci Joy (TJ) Burleigh is a long-time yogi, Vipassana practitioner, health educator and coach, Ayurvedic practitioner and bodyworker. She loves yoga for it’s dynamic and uniting practices of body and heart.

She owns and operates “Arts of Flesh”, in San Francisco CA, enriching people’s lives through her attentive presence, intuitive insight, technical skill, bold encouragement, humor and radical embodiment. TJ’s experience of yoga is unbranded and inimitable. She brings a passion for anatomy, breath, biomechanics, feeling great, poetry, and permission to her teaching.

She teaches at UCSF, SF General Hospital, and privately. TJ is certified at the highest level with Yoga Alliance, E-RYT and is a member of IAYT. She is on the faculty of Yoga Mendocino, where she has trained teachers since 2005. She can be reached at tjb9@mac.com.

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