with Judy Orloff
Saturday, Nov. 16, 2:00 – 3:00 pm
Free of Charge; registration is required

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Living in the modern world with all of its stresses is taking a toll on many of us. If we want to survive, thrive, and be of service we need to commit to our own self-care.

Join Judy Orloff for a free talk and learn about the time tested self-care practices of Ayurveda that can transform your life. Find out how to synchronize your personal schedule with nature’s natural rhythms to sleep better, digest better and live better, with less stress and strain.

Get introduced to simple, doable practices that go a long way towards healing what ails you, preventing disease and giving you the energy you need to do what is important to you.

Get seasonal tips you can use immediately to boost your immunity and help protect you from winter’s challenges.

Learn how these practices and rhythms have powerfully impacted Judy’s life, and leave the afternoon talk with enough information and inspiration to begin your own journey.

This free talk is an introduction to a 4-series of classes that will be offered at Bernal Yoga in January. During that series you will get to try on these practices, learn how to most easily bring them into your life, and experience their potent magic.

Learn more about the January series, Radical Self-Care Ayurvedic Series.

Instructor — Judy Orloff

Judy Orloff is a seasoned Yoga teacher with a particular penchant for working with those who, like herself, are eager to thrive regardless of their age or condition. Since becoming 60 she has been dealing with rare tumors, broken bones and osteoporosis, meeting each challenge with a fierce determination and consistency that she hopes will ignite others to champion their own health. Judy welcomes you where you are without judgment or expectation. In her classes and workshops she strives to create an atmosphere that is respectful, accepting, and inclusive, inviting her students to cultivate a similar atmosphere for themselves. Judy has been teaching Yoga in the Bay Area since 2006, making it accessible to many who might otherwise be unable to enjoy its rewards. She is registered by Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level and is a certified Yoga for Osteoporosis teacher as well as a certified Yoga for Healthy Aging teacher. One of Judy’s greatest joys is sharing what she’s learned in ways that empower others to connect to their own embodied wisdom, inspiration and infinite possibilities.

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