Kate Truka-Tartuk

Kate Truka-Tartuk’s initial studies in Eastern medicine began with Ayurveda, Yoga, and nutrition while living in Japan in 2000. A decade later, this translated into clinical Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine training with Scott Blossom with whom she’s also studied in the Shadow Yoga lineage since 2006. Kate also began assisting Judith Hanson Lasater in Restorative Yoga teacher trainings in Tokyo in 2007 and has taught Hatha, Restorative and Children’s Yoga in San Francisco schools, studios, homes and hospitals since 2005.

Her recent focus is transforming trauma and stress through the overlapping 5 element cosmologies of Classical Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. As Yoga is the journey back (through accumulations and rigidifications) to “union” with source, it is the ultimate idiom of transformation. Kate invites you to join in this idiom of regenerative reclamation and rest. Those new to yoga are welcome in all classes.

As an acupuncturist, Kate sees Hatha yoga as acupuncture that one does to oneself, sans needles! Yoga is the investigation of how awareness alone changes the flow of things internally. Movement and Stillness with awareness, on the daily, help things along toward balance. In Hatha practice, we place the bones and tissue in endless riverbed arrangements to balance the velocity and quality of flows in the myriad inner rivers.