Annie Kobliska-Becker

Nancy Rubin has an extensive background in dance, yoga and other movement techniques. She has taught in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Hawaii over the past 25 years. Her background includes 20 years of Iyengar study as well as a variety of disciplines including gyrotonics and vipassana meditation. She has been a Rhythm and Motion dance teacher since 1994 and is still very active in that dance community as both a student and teacher. At this point in her practice, she has developed her own unique teaching style drawing on her varied training.

Nancy’s Yoga and Movement class weaves elements of various yoga and movement styles with rhythms and music. While focused and thematic, the class structure has a flow dictated by the needs of the students be it injury recovery, balance and movement techniques or movements focused on supporting our changing bodies. The class includes fundamental elements of yoga with the added joy of movement and music. It is accessible to beginning students as well as seasoned practitioners interested in exploring a fluid movement based practice.