with Tina Foster
Sunday, November 10, 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Register before 11/3 cost is $30, afterward $40

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Most of the meditation popular recently has been thought or mindfulness based. These practices are powerful and worthwhile, but sitting down to face the busyness of our minds– the repetitive thoughts swirling around our heads– seems not very fun and probably impossible to manage anyway.

There’s an easier way. The body is a much more straightforward, trustworthy and juicy medium for meditation. And the mind (as well as all our experience) is grounded in the body anyway, right?

The body is our earth, our place of steadiness, something we can hold onto, as well as our container.

In this workshop, we’ll allow our awareness to dive into the body as the primary field of practice. We’ll meet our embodied selves simply and directly, working with sensations and feelings rather than trying to focus on thoughts and other mental constructs.

This is an opportunity to uncover the body’s inherent wisdom — a pre-existing presence that often gets overlooked or upstaged by thoughts other layers of experience.

This is a very accessible practice, sitting, lying down and moving. All levels are welcome.

This workshop will be drawing from yoga, Buddhism, as well as Feldenkrais and other western modalities. Somatic, trauma-informed and evidence based work.

Instructor — Tina Foster

Tina guides and mentors meditation practitioners of all levels. She creates innovative, meaningful and fun meditation experiences for individuals and companies.

Tina also teaches the more meditative forms of Hatha Yoga classes and leads retreats and workshops in San Francisco and beyond. As a teacher, she is often praised as being “one of a kind”. Her work is inventive without departing from tradition, evocative and accessible.

To learn more about Tina, visit www.fosterandflourish.com.

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